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We are a leading Private Healthcare Service offering same day appointments with our experienced GPs. 
At First Choice GP, we are able to offer:

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Book in video consultation (single 30 mins).

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Fill in your personal details and pre-pay for your consultation using our secure platform via Stripe payment

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Fill in the questionnaire: the more information you tell us the more streamlined your consultation will be.

Video Consultations

The video consultation (30 mins for single appointment) will give us an indication of whether you need an urgent prescription, referral, blood test or Home visit.


Prescriptions can be sent to any pharmacy of the patients choosing in London.

Blood Tests

For Blood tests, we aim for next day results.

Home Visits

Home visits can be arranged but after an initial video consultation. Alternatively, you can email a preferred date for a Home Visit consultation.

Health Screening

This is 40 mins to 1hr consultation. Please click the Health Screening Tab for more information.

Private GP Services

  • Our Private GP Service is open to all patients needing a review with a doctor as soon as possible. 
  • If your symptoms are for example more acute, be it an infection or if you were in pain, with the possibility of needing a prescription on the day (antibiotics, inhalers, painkillers etc) or an urgent Blood test in the coming week then we would ask you book with us via our Video Consultation option on the Private GP Services page. We can send prescriptions to any pharmacy of your choosing. 
  • Go on to the Private GP Service page and book in the time slot which next suits you. Please email us if you want a specific time which is not on the bookable slots, and we will try to fit you in where possible. This will allow for a swift plan of action and if required we will be able to organise a Home Visit. 
  • For our Home Visits we can cover most areas in London and certain areas of Surrey and Kent. We will always endeavour to give you are best care and support at First choice GP. 

Health Screening

  • The Health Screening appointments will range from 40 mins to 1hr consultations. Patients will get an up-to-date screening of their current health, detailed discussion of any health worries and a tailored set of blood tests. 
  • Most of these appointments will be face to face and we ask that you click on the Health Screening page and book in your appointment, or you can send us an email with a date of your choosing, and we will fit you in where available. 
  • In the Health Screening we can discuss your physical and mental health and delve into any concerns such as Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Asthma or Smoking (stopping) for example. 
  • You will have access to your report after the blood tests and discussion of results. 
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Specialist Service

One of our aims at First Choice GP is to ensure preventative measures in the community and our Health Screening service will be the best appointment to choose to discuss these health concerns. 
We have established links with some of the best cardiologists in London. If we feel a cardiology referral is required we will handover to our specialist cardiology consultants (at a separate cost) who will assess you further and determine whether you require their specialist input, be it an ECG, echocardiogram, cardiac MRI and/or Angiograms. 
Book your Health Screening appointment now.